Issue 3: MARCH 2021 Newsletter


DO YOU WANT TO MAKE AN IMPACT IN 161? The Communications Committee is looking for Local 161 members to contribute to our team. The committee’s priority is to connect members to one another through informative newsletters published three to four times a year and an evolving website. In the past year a revamped and modernized website was released and more features are to come. A member-run newsletter was reintroduced where members can learn about each other in the context of current events and hot topics. Both the website and newsletter include COVID and mental health resources that are critical at this time. There is a range of opportunities:

  • Submit pictures from your job and tell us about it.
  • Submit an idea for an article or topic.
  • Contribute as a writer and submit an article per newsletter, every other issue, or even a one off.
  • Design content for the website or newsletter.
  • Moderate a forum on the website.

Reach out to the committee at and tell us what interests you or if you any questions.

Gina Roché & Alysse Rossner, Communications Committee Co-Chairs

MARCH 2021 Newsletter