Who We Are

We play vital roles within the film & television industry, working behind the scenes to “make it all happen”.

What We Do​

Local 161 members help to determine and administer the protections enjoyed by industry professionals in 24 states and the District of Columbia, as well as a number of other employment related benefits.

Want to become a Member?

In addition to contract administration, Local 161 provides other services such as active craft committees, mentorship support, educational training and seminars, and additional retirement opportunities.

Who's in IATSE Local 161?

Script Supervisors

Script Supervisors work with the director, cast, and camera to act as a liaison among departments, while maintaining the director’s choices regarding passage of time and logic. They work on film and TV sets, commercials, and live events. Script Supervisors track how various angles can be intercut, ensuring that enough angles cover each scene. They also develop scripts to time live angles, working with the camera department to properly label each shot. Script Supervisors’ work may also include, but is not limited to, creating a log for the editor, recording a description with the accompanying lens information as shooting progresses, and marking the material covered as an additional tool for the editor.

Production Coordinators

Production Coordinators represent the logistical behind-the-scenes backbone of every show. The role is vital as they are the head of all things off-set. They source equipment, communicate critical information, implement studio policies, work with legal and risk management to approve agreements, complete insurance claims and manage union compliance paperwork. On a show level, coordinators are also responsible for reporting of paperwork to Accounting to ensure an accurate financial picture. PCs work hand-in-hand with producers, studios and production managers. The production team consists of Production Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators, as well as Secretaries and Production Assistants. Many shows also require a Travel Coordinator to handle the heavy workload of travel and housing for the cast and crew.

Production Accountants

Production Accountants are the financial backbone of the production. Working closely with the line producer, UPM, and studio executives they account for and analyze all costs every week. Accounting often partners with the production office over various functions. This department is responsible for understanding the budget, managing all AP and credit card payments, payroll, ensuring compliance, and maintaining financial records during film and television production. The Production Accounting department is made up of a Key Accountant, 1st Assistant Accountant, Payroll Accountant, 2nd Assistant Accountants, Assistant Payroll Accountants, and a Clerk.