Issue 5: SEPTEMBER 2022 Newsletter

ISSUE 5 – The Education Issue

We produced a newsletter about education because knowledge is crucial for our professions and our organization. While a new member orientation is being developed by the Membership Committee, there is a need to reintroduce Local 161 to all active members. 

Before you dive into this issue, I felt it was important to acknowledge how the newsletter staff made it to five issues and six total publications. The Big Picture started in 2020 out of the Communications Committee. L161 members eager to get involved and be creative formed the foundation of this newsletter.

Publications could not continue if it wasn’t for the L161 members/volunteers who put their time and effort into each issue. When it’s finally released, I experience great relief then take a breather. But it doesn’t take long before I start to pull ideas together, recruit the next stellar group, and collaborate.

It’s my hope that the The Big Picture serves as a constant symbolic reminder of what it means to be in a union. There is no progress and development without collaboration, leadership, and solidarity. Every writer, editor, designer, and contributor rises to the occasion. The desire to educate members in the most comprehensive issue yet comes through each page. 

I invite you to read The Education Issue from front to back and more importantly I encourage you to consider how you can be a part of the progress. 

In solidarity,

Alysse Rossner

Co-Chair, Communications Committee

SEPTEMBER 2022 Newsletter