Issue 4, Part 2: MARCH 2022 Newsletter


For returning or new readers (members), this issue is special. Part two of Issue 4 continues our theme of transitions for our Local. If 2020 was the year members experienced the industry, and effectively our jobs, change due to the pandemic then 2021 was the year members saw the Local begin to change. If you’ve kept up on emails from the Local’s office, General Membership Meetings, and Town Halls then you’re aware of:

  • An increase in committee activities and initiatives.
  • The re-examining of our legal representation (yes, unions have lawyers).
  • An equitable revision of our dues structure for 2nd Assistants and Payroll Assistants.
  • The gracious departure of our Assistant Business Agent, Jennifer Myers.
  • An impending departure of our Business Agent, Colleen Donahue.
  • A rigorous search to fill both positions.
  • The Local’s unified front during the ASA negotiations.
  • Our shared experiences of the day-to-day demands on the job as we navigated the new industry normal.

If none of this resonates with you then it’s time I change that. Now is a great time to engage in the Local. There are Officers, Executive Board members, Committee Chairs, and committee members who all started their engagement from a simple action or idea. It was a conversation, an email, attending an event or meeting, recognizing a deficit or celebrating an achievement. This issue alone will give you many reasons to engage:

  • Give a farewell to Colleen Donahue and welcome the new Business Agent, Laura Fearon, and Assistant Business Agent, Cynthia O’Rourke.
  • Hear about the state of the Local from President Dawn Mountain.
  • Understand contract negotiations as it applies to the Majors Agreement.
  • Hear about members who are excelling personally and professionally.
  • Learn who a Gold Card member is.
  • Explore member benefits, resources, forms, and the website.
  • Consider getting involved in a committee.

In other words, you’ve got options. I could tell you how I got here, writing this opening letter and co-chairing the Communications committee, but there are many paths. Consider what motivates you to engage at a level that not only works, but also challenges you.

For the curious, how do you start? For those already engaged, how can you elevate others?

As a member of a union in the midst of transitions, where do you see yourself on the other side?

In solidarity,

Alysse Rossner (Communications Committee Co-Chair)

MARCH 2022 Newsletter