What is the  Member Assistance  Program (MAP)? 

The Member Assistance Program for IATSE Local 161  members is a free and confidential service designed to  provide support and find solutions to a wide range of  personal or work-related problems. The IATSE Local  161 Member Assistance Program has engaged the  Fund to provide members access to social workers  who can help identify and find resources to resolve  family, personal or work-related problems. 

The Entertainment Community Fund is a national  human services organization that fosters stability and  resiliency, and provides a safety net for performing  arts and entertainment professionals over their lifespan. 

You can view a pdf of the MAP brochure here.

Who is eligible? 

The IATSE Local 161 MAP is available to all members of  IATSE Local 161 in good standing.

Is the MAP confidential?

Yes. The Entertainment Community Fund’s services  are confidential. The Fund is committed to protecting  your privacy and maintaining confidentiality, except in legally mandated situations. Your information is not shared with the Local.

Services offered:

Counseling Services 

Clinical social workers provide confidential short-term  counseling and support, and when appropriate, provide  referrals to outside providers and community agencies  around a range of challenges related to: 

  • Family or relationships 
  • Life changes 
  • Illness or disability 
  • Stress, anxiety or depression 
  • Workplace issues 
  • Grief and loss 
  • Financial concerns

For members who may need long-term support or  additional care, the social worker will help locate  referrals for mental health professionals that meet  the member’s needs and will work with the member’s  insurance provider when appropriate.  

Substance Abuse 

Personalized help and advocacy with treatment options  and insurance coverage are available when you or your  family members are experiencing problems with alcohol  or drugs. Confidential support and counseling are  provided throughout the treatment process.

Senior Care 

The Fund’s Seniors program provides seniors and  their families a place to turn to receive support,  information and help in developing a plan to meet  their unique needs. Assistance is available with  referrals to elder law attorneys, senior centers, home  care services, meal and visitor programs as well as  assisted living, nursing homes and rehabilitation  centers. Services also include help with accessing  entitlements or other benefits. 

Linkage to Community Resources 

The MAP is your liaison to a wide range of community,  government and private organizations such as legal  services, child care, housing and public benefits. 

Work-Life Enrichment 

Workshops are provided on a variety of topics to  support you in balancing work and personal life:

  • Financial Wellness workshops on debt relief, credit consolidation, budgeting strategies and  estate planning. 
  • Well-Being workshops to support mental health  and personal growth such as mindfulness training, stress reduction, understanding addiction and  recovery, and communication skills. 
  • Support groups that address various issues  including depression, stress and anxiety, and  career transition. 

Support for Leadership 

Services available to leadership include critical  incident debriefing and consultation about members  in crisis. The MAP can assist leadership with issues  such as managing member conflict, job jeopardy  concerns and navigating grief and loss. The MAP also  provides education on these and other relevant topics.

Health & Health Insurance 

The Entertainment Community Fund’s Artists Health  Insurance Resource Center offers personalized health insurance counseling, guidance and enrollment  support, as well as referrals to health care resources.

How do I contact the MAP? To make an appointment, call the  

Entertainment Community Fund at 917.281.5919  Monday–Friday 9:30 am–5 pm ET or email  eastern@entertainmentcommunity.org.  

For emergencies after hours, call 212.221.7300. 

When you contact us, please make sure to  identify your union. 


When should I contact the MAP? 

There are times when it can be helpful to speak  with a professional about relationship or job issues.  Problems with a child, family member or co-worker  can affect you. Conflicts with a colleague or  supervisor can cause stress. Sometimes you may simply need to speak with someone when you are  unsure of how to approach a situation. They can help  find relevant solutions. 

What can I expect? 

When you call, a social worker will talk with you briefly,  ask a few questions about your situation and schedule  an appointment at a time and date that is convenient  for you. When you meet with a social worker, they will  continue that dialogue and work with you to help find  possible solutions. Services are free and confidential.  None of your information is shared with your union. 

What do the MAP services cost? 

IATSE Local 161 has contracted with the  Entertainment Community Fund to provide these services at no additional cost to you. If an outside  referral is made, the Entertainment Community Fund always takes into consideration your health insurance  coverage and affordability.

Additional Services at the Fund: 

  • The Housing Resource Center provides information  and education around finding affordable housing,  understanding tenants’ rights and more. 
  • The Career Center can help you identify and  find meaningful secondary work to support your  performing arts career. 
  • The Friedman Health Center in Times Square  offers primary and specialty care for those in  the entertainment industry, and accepts most  insurance plans. 
  • The Actors Fund Home, located in Englewood, NJ,  provides short-stay rehabilitation and assisted  living services for performing arts professionals  and their family members.

Sign up to learn more about the Entertainment Community Fund’s services at entertainmentcommunity.org/WGS

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