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IATSE’s 125th Anniversary Video

The Safe Way Forward 
Joint Report from the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, and Teamsters on COVID-19 Safety Guidelines to Provide Safe Workplaces in a Pre-Vaccine World.
Comprehensive Covid resource page with various industry and international guidelines, union recommendations, testing information and Covid education. Compiled by a Script Supervisor in LA, the site may move soon to
From the same website, an article about Script Supervisors working remotely in different types of productions.
Great array of webinars discussing various aspects of productions in the new Covid world.
Local 871 commissioned Working IDEAL to conduct a study into gender bias and pay inequality in female-dominated crafts including Script Supervisors and Production Coordinators. The result was an in-depth the report “Script Girls, Secretaries and Stereotypes” and the Reel Equity initiative.
Local 28 started a fundraiser called ‘Together 4 Oregon’  to help out of work members.
IATSE C.A.R.E.S. (Coronavirus Active Response and Engagement Service) is a new initiative designed to provide support to our most at-risk, elderly, and/or disabled members during the COVID-19 crisis. This website will also be used to provide information about future Mutual Aid efforts from the IATSE.
A pair of International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600) members are leading a class action lawsuit filed Thursday in California federal court against the Board of the Motion Picture Industry Health Plan, alleging that it violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) by not treating all plan members fairly.